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How to Find Your Audience Online – Buyer Personas

Buyer Persona

How to Find Your Audience Online – Buyer Personas

Creating Buyer Personas.

A lot of business starting have a pretty decent idea of who their customer might be. We all have some sort of idea of who we want to work with, sell to, and find in our audience, but rarely is it everyone. Even if it is! Everyone has different needs, so let’s identify those.


I get approached pretty regularly about platforms: should I invest is Instagram? Facebook? Or Reddit?.. Early today I supported a client with a webinar that addressed this question with a very accurate answer: You invest where your most likely buyers are.


So how do we figure out who those people are? How do you find your audience online?

Start with your customers. I know this sounds like an exercise you do on a daily basis, but it really works. If you sample your customers, you will create a very accurate picture of what works in your business. With this you will get new ideas as to who your audience is and could be in the digital space.


Why does this matter? Because when you speak directly to your audience’s needs you find yourself attracting people in the first point of the buyer’s journey all the way down. See a graphic from our friends at Hubspot below:


The Buyer's Journey - Find your audience online


If you can speak the language of your customer, you can speak to the problems they may have.

You can identify what matters to them. Once they become interested, they can find more information about your solution, and you can finally sell them on the product or service.


It’s about building a relationship with your audience. So the content you craft isn’t always “Hey we’re selling this” it’s in the vein of “Here’s 10 things you want to know when being in your position”. That’s key number 1 to finding your audience online.


This will help you draft ideas – concepts – and titles for blog posts, campaigns, social posts, SEO, emails, landing pages and more.


Once you know who, you can figure out what objections or problems they face when purchasing your product or service. Not only can you find your audience online, you can turn them into a marketing qualified lead – you and your sales team will have the tools to work with them through any of their objections.


Try it! And if you have any questions, please reach me at influence@adamid.com


Figure out these key variables for a Buyer Persona (segment) of your customers, even if it’s just theoretical:






How we can Help

Common Objections

Real Quotes


See a great example of one of our actual buyer personas above! And have fun with it! Find your audience online and find success across your entire business.